Lego Pays Homage To Its Heritage With A Wonderful Wooden Minifig

The 5:1 scale minifig is strictly limited edition, and celebrates the company’s heritage as a wooden toy maker

Leog 5:1 scale wooden minifig

In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of The Lego Group, started making and selling wooden toys out of his shop in Billund, Denmark. The company continued making wooden toys until 1960, two years after the Lego brick as we know it today was born. Now The Lego Group celebrates old and new with a seven inch tall, $US120 ($174) minifigure made out of wood. Well, except for the hands.

The Lego Originals Wooden Minifigure, available starting November 3 at, is not so much a toy as it is a collectible art piece. Crafted from real oak, other than the hands, which are plastic for gripability purposes, the piece neatly sums up the whole of Lego history.

It’s a 5:1 scale minifigure (meaning it’s five times bigger than normal) of the classic minifigure design, but made from FSC Certified oak, with plastic iconic yellow hands.

It comes with a small collection of Lego bricks, which can be built into a few different accessories for it to hold, including a guitar, a camera, and a pen. Obviously, you can also build anything else you want to accessorise it with using more bricks from your collection.

Customisation is the name of the game, actually. Part of the idea is that you can have it as just a beautiful wooden decoration like it comes – as we said, it’s currently planned to be strictly limited edition, and it comes in a premium gift box, so it’ll be a great collectible for Lego nuts – but Lego also encourages you to make it your own.

Paint it, dress it up, build Lego creations around it – do whatever you like, really. It’s a really fun way to celebrate over 40 years of the Lego minifig, and the origins of everyone’s favourite Danish brick maker.

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