Police raid Lepin factory; owner arrested

Depending on what time zone you’re in, this is either some early morning news or late night news. The Shanghai Police has announced on their Weibo that they have successfully raided a few Lepin factories and the boss, surnamed Li, has been arrested. If you didn’t know, LEGO has been taking legal action against the company for almost three years and even though they supposedly won an infringement case against them last year, Lepin was still producing counterfeit sets.

In October 2018, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Economic Investigation Team found in the work that the “Le Pin  building blocks assembled in the market were extremely similar to the “Lego” toys, allegedly infringing the copyright of the “Lego” brand, and launched a case investigation. Soon, a criminal gang headed by Lee was locked.

After investigation, the criminal suspect Yu Mou and others opened a design company in Shenzhen, and the “Lego” building blocks assembled toys were re-engraved into design drawings and handed over to Li. The criminal suspect Li registered the “Le Pin” trademark in the name of “Long Jun Toy Factory”, and made the mold into the injection molding machine according to the “Lego” toy design drawings for mass production, and then sold it all over the country.

On April 23, with the cooperation of police in Shantou and Shenzhen, the Shanghai police successfully destroyed the criminal gang suspected of infringing the copyright of the “Lego” brand, arrested four suspects headed by Li, and smashed production and packaging. 3 warehouses, warehouses, etc., more than 10 assembly lines, more than 90 production molds, nearly 200,000 manuals, more than 200,000 packaging boxes, more than 630,000 finished products , more than 200 million yuan .

The product description, schematic diagram and outer packaging of “Lego” toys are copyrighted and protected by law. For the purpose of making profits, “Leize” is copied and produced without authorization. The amount of illegal proceeds is huge and has constituted a criminal offence . The Shanghai police successfully cracked the case, fully demonstrating the confidence and determination of the public security organs to crack down on IPR infringements, effectively safeguarding the creative and intellectual achievements of enterprises, and effectively shocking criminals who attempt to make profits through plagiarism and low prices. At present, the criminal suspects Li, Yu, Du Mou, Yan Mou and other four criminal suspects have been criminally detained according to law, and the case is still under investigation.

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