ACMA Emission Designators – Mobile Services

Information about Emission Designators can be found at Wikipedia.

The ACMA also publishes a document entitled “Emission characteristics of radio transmissions” which goes into further detail about the nature of the abbreviation.


The Break Down

9M40W7WEC can be broken down like this:

9 <- bandwidth: a whole number in Mhz, ie. 9MHz
M <- “MHz”
40 <- the next 2 least significant bandwidth digits, ie 0.40Mhz
W <- two or more modulation types from the set of {AM, FM, PM}
7 <- two or more digital channels
W <- “type info”, eg. F=TV video, but in this specific case W=”combination of other information types”.
E <- “detail of signals” E=”Multi-condition code in which each condition represents a signal element (of one or more bits)”
C <- “nature of multiplexing” C=”Code-division” F=”Frequency-division multiplex” T=”Time-division multiplex” W=”Combination of frequency-division multiplex and time-division multiplex”

The last two symbols are optional, their absence should be indicated by a dash (-) where each symbol would otherwise appear.


NextG 850MHz

    • 9M40W7WEC (9.4Mhz bandwidth)
    • 9M90G7WEC (9.9Mhz bandwidth)
    • 4M90G7WEC (4.9Mhz bandwidth)

4G 1800MHz

    • *W7DEW
      Note1: The bandwidth designator varies eg. 9M90W7DEW (9.9Mhz bandwidth 4G).
      Note 2: Dependent on location, Telstra is rolling out 10, 15 & 20Mhz bandwidth carriers)

4G 2100MHz

    • tba – Service unconfirmed
      Note: The Telstra Sierra 320U, with latest firmware supports 2100Mhz


GSM 900MHz

    • 8M40G7E (8.4Mhz B/W)
      The Optus GSM 900 band may be used for 900mhz 3G by ‘re-farming’ the 900 2G band for both 2G and 3G in some capital city locations – More Information

3G 900MHz

    • 3M84G7W (3.84Mhz B/W)
    • dual carrier assignments as 9M86G7W (particularly in the 2100 band)

4G 1800MHz

    • 10M0W7D– (10MHz B/W)
      Note: Optus does not have 1800 spectrum in every state

4G 2300MHz

    • 20M0W7W– (to be confirmed)
      Note 1: Optus are understood to be trialling 2300 4G in Canberra
      Note 2: At this time Optus does not appear to have a suitable 4G device for 2300MHz

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